Release Date: 16 December 2021

Significant changes between 10.5.1 and 10.5.2:


PLEASE NOTE that VisualDVR has some limitations for legacy video formats and hardware on Windows 10 as listed below.

Note 1: Video Encoding Formats: If installed on Windows 10, VisualDVR 10.5 does not support recording of the legacy Windows Media Video (WMV) format.  Only H.264 (recommended) and MPEG-2 are supported.  Depending on the installed hardware these may or may not need add-on licences.

Note 2: Capture and Encoder Cards: There is no Windows 10 driver available for the Optibase MovieMaker 230 SD MPEG-2 encoder card, or for the Osprey 700e HD/SD capture card, so these legacy card models are no longer supported if installing VisualDVR on Windows 10.  We are also dropping support of Osprey 815e and 825e HD/SD capture cards if you are using Windows 10.  The Osprey 815e and 825e will be supported only in Windows 7, and this support is expected to end in version 11.

Note 3: 10.5 on Windows 7: If run on Windows 7, anything that was supported in version 10.4 will still be supported in version 10.5.

Note 4: 10.5 on Windows 10: If run on Windows 10, VisualDVR version 10.5 will be restricted as follows:

Support only two motherboards: Advantech ASMB-813 & ASMB-822.

On the ASMB-813, support only the Vitec VMC-7440 and the Winnov Videum Quatro/Duo.

On the ASMB-822, support only the Winnov Videum Quatro/Duo.

VisualArchive, VisualEdit and VisualReview:

Bug Fix: We have fixed some bugs in the building and handling of the Project Tree.

Bug Fix: We have fixed some bugs in the monitoring of changes to data in the Project Tree structure.


Improvement: We have made improvements to the default preview quality when using Vitec VMC-7440 cards.


Improvement: We have made changes to the way in which alarm message types can be filtered and hidden.  This will greatly reduce overzealous hiding of important warnings.


Please click here to download the full VisualSoft Suite which includes Visual3D-Inspector, VisualArchive, VisualDataLogger, VisualDVR, VisualEdit, VisualEvent Logger, VisualOverlay, VisualReview, and other associated tools.

Please click here to download VisualReview only.

Please see the link at the bottom of the page to download the complete What's New file, with a full history of all changes in this and older versions.