Each licence has a unique Product Key.  You can put the same Product Key on more than one PC, but it can only be active on one PC at a time.

If you want to move a licence from one PC to another follow the FOUR STEPS below.

1.   TRANSFER / COPY the Product Key to a file

a.   To transfer or copy a Product Key from one PC to another click on Transfer a Product in the Admin Panel.

b.   Next, click in the boxes to select which product licence(s) you want to copy and transfer.

c.   Click the Transfer button at the bottom of the page.

d.   You will be asked to type the name of a file where the details will be saved.  Select a folder and file name that you can easily find again later:

·   If you are transferring the product licence to a PC on the same network you could save the file to a network drive that both PCs can access.

·   If the two computers are on different networks but in the same office or ship, you could use a USB memory stick or a portable disk.

·   If the two PCs are far apart you can email the file from one site to another.

2.   DEACTIVATE on the old PC

a.   Deactivate the license on the original PC so that you can then activate it on the new PC.  To deactivate, click the Deactivate License button on the original PC and follow the instructions.

If you do not plan to use the licence again on the original PC, you can also Remove it, by clicking the Remove Licence button.

If you think that you will use it again, don't remove it, and it will be ready to be re-activated as soon as it is no longer in use anywhere else.  You can have the same Licence or Product Key on more than one PC, and just Activate and Deactivate to change which PC can use it.  If you have internet access on both PCs, the deactivation on one and Activation on another can be completed in a couple of minutes.

3.   ADD the licence on the new PC

a.   On the new PC open the Admin Panel and use the Add Licence tool to import the file which you just saved or which you received by email.

4.   ACTIVATE on the new PC

a.   Activate the license on the new PC by clicking the Activate License button on the new PC and following the instructions.  You must have Deactivated on the original PC first!